Monday, July 27, 2015

new today: vegan coconut raspberry

Vegan coconut raspberry is out today! Our ice cream makers have been busy juicing and straining piles of fresh, organic raspberries from Skagit Valley. Made with organic berries from two of our fave local growers: Viva Farms and Hayton Farms. This lovely summer flavor isn't just for vegans, it's SO creamy and good! Now scooping through September 13.

Friday, July 24, 2015

mm's ♥s seattle night out!

It's almost time for Seattle Night Out!! This annual event, is all about building safe communities and stronger neighborhoods -- two things we totally support here at molly moon's!

Whether you're celebrating with the whole block or just a few neighbors, we want to help you get the word out about your event! Our marketing team got together and created a flier just for Seattle Night Out. Just download here, print and fill in with the details of your party!

We hope you have a wonderful time hanging out with your neighbors! And if you want to share the good times, tag your photos #mmneighborhoodlove.

Happy Summer!

Monday, July 20, 2015

new today: blackberry sorbet

Our new blackberry sorbet is full of bold berry flavor, with an earthy touch. This sorbet is made with organic blackberries from two of our fave Skagit Valley growers: Viva Farms and Hayton Farms! Hayton is a 5th generation family farm that was established in 1876, and the newer Viva is a farm incubator that helps new farmers get started by subleasing small plots and helping them with equipment, education, marketing, and start-up loans.

The heat this year is making the blackberries fat with juice, and it's also making us want to cool off with a scoop of sorbet! Now scooping through August 16.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

capitol hill: cheap date, sweet date

This is the first installment in our Cheap Date, Sweet Date series! We've recruited a variety of Seattleites - our friends, neighbors and even some members of the #mooncrew - to show how combining a cheap, fun activity with a trip to the ice cream shop makes for the very best kind of date!

To kick things off, our friends Lonnie and Kaitlin cruised over to Capitol Hill in their 1984 Volvo 240DL for a sweet night out in one of our favorite 'hoods. Here’s Lonnie and Kaitlin’s recipe for the ultimate Cheap Date, Sweet Date on Capitol Hill:

First course: A trip to Glasswing

“Kaitlin tried on a bunch of clothes we couldn't afford,” Lonnie says with a laugh. “And we ended up buying a plant, a really cool ceramic pot, and an old issue of Inventory Magazine."

Second course: happy hour at Oddfellows

Lonnie and Kaitlin snagged a table outside at Oddfellows Cafe+Bar where they had some snacks and cold drinks. “It was such a beautiful night, we laughed and talked about the next few months ahead before our wedding," Kaitlin says.

Third Course: a sweet treat at Molly Moon’s!

"Typically we always taste test the seasonal flavors and then we order 'scout' mint and melted chocolate with hot fudge on top," Lonnie says. "It makes me laugh because we are totally those people who taste the other flavors but are stuck on our favorite combo!"

“We walked over to Cal Anderson Park across the street like we always do," Kaitlin says. "We lounged on the turf and joked around and enjoyed the sunset!”

Thanks for sharing this lovely date night with us Lonnie and Kaitlin!

How about all of you out there in blog land, what’s your idea of the perfect summer date?

Photography by Kaitlin Arndt and Lonnie Webb.

Friday, July 10, 2015

cherry-picked perfection

Finding the best ingredients to use in our ice cream isn’t always easy. Just ask our head chef, Ian Willa.

"Yeah, I spend a lot of time on the phone, or the Internet, looking for ingredients that we can feel great about, like domestically grown black sesame," Ian says. "I also like to ensure that ingredients we use a lot of, like vanilla, are grown and harvested in responsible ways, especially when we are buying imported goods." (We love our vanilla! It comes from Tonga, which strictly prohibits forced or child labor.) 

But when it comes to cherries, we are fortunate to get the most amazing, rich, dark fruit from Washington’s Columbia Valley every year. We have a long-standing relationship with Dave Alberg of Alberg Cherry Farms. Dave’s orchard is currently supplying us with berries for our cherry chunk and vegan cherry chunk ice creams for the fourth summer in a row.

“There’s nothing better than cherry ice cream,” Dave says.

On a recent Thursday afternoon, Ian took some time off from recipe testing and research to visit Dave and and his cherry trees.

Dave planted his orchard in the 1970s with his dad - he was only 14! At the time the cherries were the only thing growing on the hill, which now sits at the center of the 220-acre Stillwater Creek Vineyard. Dave prunes all 20 acres of cherry trees by hand. That’s about 1,000 trees, each of which produces around 100 pounds of cherries each season.

Aside from the cherries that go into our ice cream and what Dave saves for his friends and family, the rest of his cherries are sold at Pike Place Market. Dave has been a vendor at the market since 1980.

We use a mix of three different types of cherries for our ice cream: Bing, Lambert and Van cherries. In addition to the darker varieties of cherries that we use, Dave also has trees that grow Rainier cherries, wild sour cherries and apricots.

To keep the cherries juicy and plump, Dave picks his cherries at night. The heat of the Eastern Washington sun makes them shrivel up during the day.

Typically Dave and his friend, Mark pick all the cherries themselves. Ian helped out during his visit to the farm, and learned how Dave uses ski polls to get the job done. “I use this little ski poll to snag the branch and pull it down,” Dave says. “Then you can just pull the cherries off.”

Ian soon finds that, at 6'4," he can easily reach up and starts pulling the branches down with his hands. "I want as many of these cherries as I can get my hands on!"

Monday, July 6, 2015

new today: blueberry lemon custard

If this heat is giving you the blues ... may we recommend some blueberry lemon custard? We make this delicious flavor with local + organic Bow Hill Blueberries and our delectable lemon curd. (Heads up! We make our homemade lemon curd with local + organic eggs. The rest of our flavors are Philadelphia-style, which means no eggs!) Now scooping through August 9.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

the derschang group & our new apparel

Chances are good that if you live in Seattle, you’ve imbibed (or enjoyed a burger, or perhaps some caramelized cauliflower) at one of Linda Derschang’s six neighborhood hang-out spots: Linda's Tavern, Smith, Oddfellows Cafe+Bar, Bait Shop, and Tallulah's on Capitol Hill and King's Hardware in Ballard.

Linda and her team work just upstairs from our Capitol Hill shop and headquarters, so we all see each other during afternoon coffee breaks at Oddfellows CafĂ©, and we do yoga together on Thursday afternoons! So we knew the cool girls of the Derschang Group should be the first to wear our cute, new molly moon's gear that hit the shops last month.

Linda herself has played such a huge role in the culture of Capitol Hill. She's become known for the design aesthetic of all her bars and restaurants, and her personal style is always the stuff of sartorial dreams.

Her office is pretty spectacular too, and it made a gorgeous backdrop for our photo shoot. The shoot soon turned into more of an easy hangout session. The models ate ice cream and James, our photographer/marketing director chatted with the Derschang ladies about everything from Mad Max to the pursuit of advanced style.

Big thanks to Linda, Shenandoah, Jihee and Julia for taking time out of their busy days to model for us! (These ladies have lots on their plate right now ... we are so excited for Little Oddfellows to open inside Elliott Bay Book Company this summer!) 

get the look!
Linda and Julia's "darkness and chaos" pullover
Shenandoah's Parker Posey tee 
Jihee's ice cream sweatshirt
molly moon's wood bead necklace (Jihee is rocking it as a bracelet!)

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