Thursday, July 2, 2015

the derschang group & our new apparel

Chances are good that if you live in Seattle, you’ve imbibed (or enjoyed a burger, or perhaps some caramelized cauliflower) at one of Linda Derschang’s six neighborhood hang-out spots: Linda's Tavern, Smith, Oddfellows Cafe+Bar, Bait Shop, and Tallulah's on Capitol Hill and King's Hardware in Ballard.

Linda and her team work just upstairs from our Capitol Hill shop and headquarters, so we all see each other during afternoon coffee breaks at Oddfellows CafĂ©, and we do yoga together on Thursday afternoons! So we knew the cool girls of the Derschang Group should be the first to wear our cute, new molly moon's gear that hit the shops last month.

Linda herself has played such a huge role in the culture of Capitol Hill. She's become known for the design aesthetic of all her bars and restaurants, and her personal style is always the stuff of sartorial dreams.

Her office is pretty spectacular too, and it made a gorgeous backdrop for our photo shoot. The shoot soon turned into more of an easy hangout session. The models ate ice cream and James, our photographer/marketing director chatted with the Derschang ladies about everything from Mad Max to the pursuit of advanced style.

Big thanks to Linda, Shenandoah, Jihee and Julia for taking time out of their busy days to model for us! (These ladies have lots on their plate right now ... we are so excited for Little Oddfellows to open inside Elliott Bay Book Company this summer!) 

get the look!
Linda and Julia's "darkness and chaos" pullover
Shenandoah's Parker Posey tee 
Jihee's ice cream sweatshirt
molly moon's wood bead necklace (Jihee is rocking it as a bracelet!)

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Monday, June 22, 2015

new flavors: cherry chunk and vegan cherry chunk!

cherry chunk
This is one of our favorite & longest running summer flavors! The cherries come from Alberg Farms in Royal City in Eastern Washington. We’ve been working with these guys for the last 3 years, and their cherries -- grown without pesticides or chemicals -- are some of the best you can get. Alberg cherries are a nice, deep red and richly flavored. Dave Alberg and his crew pick all the cherries at their orchard, which is surrounded by 220 acres of vineyards. Dave has been selling his cherries at Pike Place Market for close to 30 years. Available through August 2.

vegan cherry chunk
The same amazing cherries as described above, but spun with organic coconut milk for a dairy-free, vegan treat. This is another long-running summer flavor! Available through July 26. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

summer 2015 flavors!

Summer is an exciting time around here because our chef searches high and low for the freshest, ripest, most beautiful fruit from all over Washington state! Then our ice cream makers take the berries, melon and stone fruit and turn them into a delicious rainbow of ice cream and sorbets. Get ready for flavors like cherry chunk ice cream, made with organically grown, dark red Bing cherries from Alberg Orchards in the Columbia Valley. And in July our team will turn our homemade lemon curd and organic blueberries from Bow Hill farm into blueberry lemon custard.

cherry chunk ice cream
vegan cherry chunk

6 blueberry lemon custard ice cream
20 blackberry sorbet
27 vegan coconut raspberry

3 orchard blondie ice cream
10 ginger ice cream
17 watermelon sorbet

7 concord grape ice cream
14 vegan coconut chunk
21 huckleberry sorbet

A very important note on our flavor calendar: while we make every attempt to stick to these dates, we work with small farms & purveyors, so occasionally dates are subject to change due to harvest unpredictability! Keep an eye on our flavors page for updates, or follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for news (and pics!) of each new flavor.

And you can download our summer calendar: 

Follow the links below to download the image for your favorite screen:

widescreen (iMac, 60" and Dell laptop)
midsize (MacBook, including retina)
old school (4:3 ratio)

Want to be the first to know about our seasonal flavors? We send out a new flavor calendar on the first day of every new season, and you can snag it by signing up for our email newsletter at

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Monday, June 15, 2015

new today: strawberry sorbet

We are SO excited about the red, ripe, organic strawberries we're using in our strawberry sorbet, out today! The berries come from Viva Farms in the Skagit Valley. Viva is a farm incubator that helps new and small farms get started by subleasing small plots of their 33 acres to small farms. Every berry is washed, hulled and chopped by our ice cream makers, giving this sorbet LOTS of bold, bright strawberry flavor.

Friday, June 5, 2015

new today: spring berry fro-yo

Spring berry fro-yo is here and it's making us feel patriotic and summery, even thought it's not July 4th yet and folks, it's not even officially summer!!

We make delicious fro-yo by starting with amazing yogurt from Flying Cow Creamery in Rochester, Washington! Dairy farmer Keith of raises his cows (affectionately referred to as 'the ladies') with love and careful attention to their environment. then his neighbor Selma makes the whole milk yogurt, and packages it in American-made glass containers. We add a swirl of homemade berry jam, made with local blueberries, boysenberries and raspberries. 

Available through July 5th. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

celebrate world milk day on sunday!

In honor of World Milk Day next week, we are raising money this Sunday for something that’s very dear to Molly's heart: the Anna Banana Milk Fund, which provides fresh milk and other dairy products to customers of FamilyWorks Food Bank in Wallingford.

add a dollar to the Milk Fund on Sunday
Visit one of our shops this Sunday, and when your friendly scooper asks you if you’d like to “add a dollar to the Milk Fund,” please say yes!

donate with Square Cash

If you can’t make it on Sunday, you can donate to the Milk Fund anytime via Square Cash. Download the Square Cash app, enter the $ you want to donate, type the cashtag “$milkfund” and hit send. That’s it! Your donation will be sent directly to FamilyWorks.

become a monthly donor

If you want to do even more, please consider joining us in this important mission by becoming a monthly donor. Most of us on the moon crew deduct $10 a month from our paychecks to support the fund. Your donation of $10 per month will provide ALL the milk a family will need each week. No matter how you choose to help families in our community, we hope you'll join us in remembering Anna and supporting the Anna Banana Milk Fund!

Monday, May 25, 2015

new today: vegan coconut strawberry!

For the first time ever: vegan coconut strawberry! This dairy-free flavor has all the creamy texture and strawberry flavor you could want. It's kind-of like the strawberry ice creams of our childhood, only better because it's made with organic coconut milk, organic vanilla extract and Washington strawberries.

Available through June 21.

Editor's note: We've gotten some feedback that it's hard to figure out how to comment on this blog. We're working on a redesign/relaunch for this winter, but until then, just click on the little blue link next to the envelope icon that says 'comments'!